Businesses are being told to cut down alcohol consumption at office parties

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the behaviour of employees at work social events where alcohol is served. While social events can be a great way to build team morale and strengthen relationships within a company, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to inappropriate behaviour and even harassment.

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Businesses told to reduce alcohol intake at office parties

To address this issue, businesses are being urged to limit the amount of alcohol served at work social events in order to prevent people from acting inappropriately towards others.


The warning comes from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) as it releases a new poll, suggesting a third of managers have seen harassment or inappropriate behaviour at parties.

The chief executive of the CMI, Ann Francke, recently told the BBC that socialising with colleagues is “a great team building opportunity” that many people enjoy.

But she added that managers have a responsibility to keep inappropriate behaviour in check, and to ensure there are safeguards in place.

When people consume too much alcohol, they can lose their inhibitions and engage in behaviour that they would not normally engage in. This includes making inappropriate comments, touching others inappropriately, and even engaging in sexual harassment. Such behaviour not only makes other employees uncomfortable but also creates a toxic work environment.

In addition to preventing inappropriate behaviour, limiting alcohol consumption at work social events also ensures the safety and well-being of all employees. When people drink too much, they can become more prone to accidents, such as falling or tripping. This can result in injuries that not only affect the individual but also impact the company’s productivity.

Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to employees driving under the influence of alcohol. This can not only result in accidents but also put other drivers on the road at risk. By limiting alcohol consumption at work social events, companies can help reduce the likelihood of such incidents occurring.


To limit alcohol consumption at work social events, companies can take several steps. For example, they can limit the amount of alcohol served per person, provide non-alcoholic beverages, and encourage employees to eat food while drinking.

Companies can also consider holding events during the day or early evening, rather than late at night when people are more likely to drink excessively.

In conclusion

limiting alcohol consumption at work social events is essential to prevent inappropriate behaviour, ensure the safety and well-being of employees, and create a positive work environment. By taking proactive steps to limit alcohol consumption, companies can create a workplace culture that values respect, professionalism, and safety.

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