Hybrid working – ever heard of it?


Hybrid working

Hybrid working Tick HR

Maybe you hadn’t, until recently.

The world of work is now trying to evolve amongst the immediate changes that happened last year. Albeit, some businesses already had this type of work in place, but others felt ‘thrown in’ at the deep end when the advise came to work from home. Now, for many, working from home has become the norm, so with employers being told that their employees can return to the office potentially from the 21st June, it can be daunting

In fact over this past year, we have actually seen a lot of changes and one of those is hybrid working.

So what is hybrid working?

It’s a form of flexible working and many employers are considering either adapting or updating an existing flexible working policy to include this. Hybrid working brings with it a high level of trust that, even though we have had to manage this over the past year, some may find it hard to consider bringing this in permanently.

How do you know if it’ll work for you?

There’s no single way to implement hybrid working, and its exact form is likely to vary throughout different businesses. However, roles which previously may have been considered as unsuitable for flexible or homeworking have been successfully undertaken from home for a sustained period. Although hybrid working is different from remote working, you can draw on some of the lessons and experiences from the past year.

Remember, look at the overall picture. What may your needs be, your team’s needs, your customer needs and the business needs. 

As ever, we are keeping up-to-date with the evolving guidance and legislations. We will keep you all up-to-date as we can but in the meantime, if you need further help or advice, please contact Tick HR at hello@tickhr.com


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