Ending furlough. What’s next for employers?

The furlough scheme pays 80% of an employee’s usual salary for hours not worked, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month. The scheme is due to end on the 30th April 2021

As of 13th December 2020, approximately 9.9 million employees and 1.2 million  employers were furloughed in the United Kingdom as part of the government’s job retention scheme.

The latest HMRC figures show that 35,700 people were furloughed in Lincolnshire by the end of December 2020. This was slightly higher than the month before when figures showed 35,400. Data shows that by the end of December 18,900 on furlough were female and 16,700 were male.

Figures showed that at the end of December 2020 there were 11% of employees on furlough throughout Lincolnshire. The average across England at the same time was 12%.

Ending furlough

Bringing staff back from furlough can be challenging and will need planning carefully. It may be difficult to bring all employees back at the same time and there will be things to consider : –

What if business is slow and sales are down?

Can we afford to pay them?

Is the position still available?

What if staff don’t want to come back to work and what are their reasons

What if an employee wants to come back part time?

Do we need to recruit?

If you are looking for further advice on what to do when the furlough scheme ends, please contact Tick HR Solutions.

Download our return to work after furlough letter template below.

Return to work template


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