The Neonatal Care bill update

The Neonatal Care bill update

Neonatal update

Neonatal bill

The government passed a new bill on 15th July 2022 which will allow parents to take 12 weeks leave to care for their babies should their baby require additional care after birth such as babies that are born prematurely or unwell.

This bill will be in addition to current parental leave rights including maternity, parental and shared parental leave.

The Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill was introduced as a private members’ bill to parliament by SNP MP Stuart McDonald and has now passed its second reading.

This will be a ‘day one’ right meaning that it will be available to all employees from their first day in a new job.

The new legislation would also allow those parents with at least 26 weeks continuous service with their current employer, and who have weekly earnings of at least the lower earnings limit (currently £123.00 per week), the right to receive statutory neonatal care pay at what is expected to be the same rate as other parental leave benefits (currently 90% of gross weekly pay per week, subject to a maximum of £156.66 per week)

This new bill is expected to become law sometime in 2023.

What should employers do?

Although the Bill still has some way to go before becoming law, it is something that employers should start preparing for. Policies will need updating to reflect the changes.

Employers should take time to understand their employees needs throughout this time.

Communication will be key to support through what can be the most difficult times of their lives.

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