Working from home


Working from home during 2020 is at an all-time high. On first thought you may think the benefits are high and the idea of working from home a great idea. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

We will talk about some of the advantages for an employee first.

  • You will save money on fuel, travel, lunches and work clothes. This all adds up over the course of a standard working week
  • You will save time on the time spent getting ready in a morning and the time it takes to travel/commute to work.
  • Unless your work involves video calls, you can be more relaxed in the clothing that you wear whilst working from home.
  • If you are good with your time management, you could pull back time which would give you more family time.
  • By reducing distractions around you and working in a quieter environment you will work more productively.
  • On a nice day you could work outside.
  • You can choose the working environment by deciding which room you work from.
  • By setting out your own schedule you could be able to organise your work around your responsibilities.

From a company’s perspective there are also benefits in your staff working from home.

  • Businesses can cut costs by not having as much costly office space.
  • Businesses can expand their talent pool to include remote workers.
  • Companies having staff working from home can help reduce absenteeism.
  • Businesses can save money on commuter expenses.

Disadvantages for the employee working from home include.

  • Trying to stay focussed by not getting distracted.
  • Being able to work without supervision.
  • Being able to be strict with time management.
  • Loneliness, lack of companionship and feeling isolated.
  • Switching off after work and trying to achieve a good work and home balance
  • Not having the right equipment.
  • Not being ergonomically conformable causing health issues.
  • Lack of conversations with co-workers.
  • Moving less due to not traveling to work and lack of fresh air and scenery.
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of security when dealing with sensitive documents
  • Negative impacts on mental health due to isolation.
  • Being left out from the day-to-day ad hoc discussions that are very much vital to your work.

From a company’s perspective there are also disadvantages

  • A change in company culture.
  • Loss of water cooler/photocopier conversations.
  • The possibility of losing team spirit.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Losing staff due to location being irrelevant.

The benefits and drawbacks are not too far apart. Not all jobs suit home working. Working from home suits some jobs better than others. Equally, working from home suits some personality types but not others. Some people may prefer colleague contact by face-to-face communication. At the end of the day, it’s really about how different individuals perform under the various environments they’re in.

Do you benefit from working with supervision and a fixed working schedule? or do you work better on your own time and discipline?

Whichever way you look at it, working from home is here to stay so make sure you have a company policy and assist your staff in working safely, physically and mentally. Communication is key!

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