Preparing for Increased Flexible Working Requests


According to the survey of 1,000 desk workers in the UK by Slack.

Preparing for Increased Flexible Working Requests

Preparing for Increased Flexible Working Requests

The key points from the article are:

Flexible Working Bill Changes

  • The Flexible Working Bill in the UK, coming into effect this weekend (6th April), will allow workers to request flexible working from day one of employment (previously 6 months).
  • This is expected to lead to a sharp increase in flexible working requests, even though 74% of employees already have some degree of flexibility.

Employee Expectations and Demands

  • 55% of employees plan to make a new request for flexible working when the new rules come into effect.

The top flexible working arrangements employees are comfortable requesting are:

  • Flexible hours (76%)
  • Work from home (70%)
  • Compressed hours (65%)

Employees are least comfortable requesting:

  • Work outside the UK (45%)
  • Job sharing (40%)
  • 4-day work week (33%)

Risks for Businesses

  • 70% of workers are more likely to apply for a job based on the company’s flexible working policy, rising to 76% for those aged 18-34.
  • 57% of managers are concerned about receiving more requests for flexible working.
  • 72% of businesses have not yet proactively shared information on the new flexible working rules with employees.

Enabling Effective Flexible Working

  • 83% of workers say technology is an enabler of productive flexible working, rising to 95% for those who work from home.
  • 73% say flexible working is possible thanks to communication and collaboration tools.
  • 40% of companies are using AI to support flexible working by improving productivity and eliminating manual tasks.

In summary, businesses need to be prepared for a surge in flexible working requests when the new rules come into effect. They should proactively communicate the changes, understand employee expectations, and ensure they have the right technology and processes in place to enable effective and productive flexible working arrangements.

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