4th July, Independence Day – It was for me!

4th July, Independence day - it was for me!   And what a year it’s been. The 4th July 2018 was the official launch date of Tick HR Solutions, it was the day that the previous months of ideas, content writing, logo and brand design all came together with the...

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Why invest in employee training and professional development

Why invest in employee training and professional development...   Employee training and professional development ‘CFO asks the CEO “what happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?” CEO responds, “What happens if we don’t and they stay?’...

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Employment Law Myths

Employment Law Myths   Employment Law Myths - there are common misunderstandings about what an employer can and can't do... Q: Are probationary periods useful? A: Sometimes.... As an employee has limited protection for unfair dismissal during the first 2 years of...

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Managing difficult employees

As a line manager we have all had (or have) that problem employee. The time spent in dealing with such employees is disproportional and is emotionally and energy draining.

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Imagine a world with no HR…

If you don’t have HR in your company who does the recruitment, selection, inductions? Who ensures that you company is fully compliant with constantly changing employment law?

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Do you struggle to unplug from work?

These days, it is reported we spend more time working than sleeping. Long gone are the boundaries of our working hours. Do you continue checking emails, finally reading that report you’ve not had time to read all day? and then of course catching up on social media to see what you’ve missed over the course of the day.

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How to understand the health of your organisation

The world has woken up and realised that HR it is not the reactive, administration function it was once thought to be. People now understand that HR can directly impact the bottom line, not negatively by being a cost centre but by aligning positive HR strategy to the wider business strategy.

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