Do you struggle to unplug from work?

These days, it is reported we spend more time working than sleeping. Long gone are the boundaries of our working hours. Do you continue checking emails, finally reading that report you’ve not had time to read all day? and then of course catching up on social media to see what you’ve missed over the course of the day.

Why do we do it? Is it pressure from our employers? It’s more likely to be the pressure we put on ourselves. Many of us want to feel valuable, to be the ‘go-to’ person, to always be available so we never miss the opportunity to shine.

In a recent Accountemps survey, they found that 56% of us are in contact with the office while on holiday. They dug deeper and found that it is a generation thing!

Millennials are most likely to check in at 31%, Gen X next with 24% (I’m am very proud and grateful to be of this generation!) and babyboomers at 15%

So what could be the reasons behind these numbers?

Babyboomers (born between 1940s – 1960s) the chances are that these people are a fair way up the ladder and employ people that ‘do’ and are capable of owning tasks in the ‘boomer’s absence.

Gen X (born between 1960s – 1980s) this generation is well known for producing notable examples of individuals with entrepreneurial abilities. Research suggests that Gen X are generally happy and achieving a work life balance.

Millennials (born between 1980s – 2000s) As we know this generation has been brought up with technology from a very early age (I swear my son was born with his mobile attached to his hand!) and to this end their use and familiarity with communications, media and digital technology surpass that of the Gen X and the ‘Boomer’s use.

In conclusion; Obviously the smart technology we have today was not available to the ‘boomers as they ‘grew up’ professionally until later in life. They were not brought up as being connected to the world 24/7 so it’s not in their psyche to be continually checking in.

The entrepreneurs from Gen X are likely to be open and connected. I know I don’t have set hours and the boundaries between my working time and personal time have definitely blurred!

Opinion; I believe Millennials will carry on checking in, it is a natural instinct and will carry through their working life. Checking while on holiday is not necessarily a bad thing. I manage it by turning off all notifications and having a set time to catch up. For me this was more relaxing than worrying unnecessarily about what may or not be happening. Whatever works for you, fine but don’t expect your colleague or subordinate will do the same.

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