Many businesses have experienced frustrations with large national HR companies that promise comprehensive solutions but often fall short in practice.

Have you?



If you’ve worked with such a provider, you may have encountered some common issues that leave you feeling underserved and dissatisfied.

Lets have a look

Frustrated with your HR provider

Frustrated with your HR provider

  • Risk aversion is a frequent complaint, with HR companies sometimes prioritising caution over practical solutions tailored to your business needs. This can lead to generic advice that doesn’t account for your company’s unique culture and challenges.
  • Long-term contracts with extended notice periods are another pain point, locking businesses into services that may no longer meet their evolving needs. This lack of flexibility can be especially problematic for growing companies or those facing rapid changes in their industry.
  • The impersonal nature of some HR providers is a significant source of frustration. Many businesses report feeling like they’re dealing with a call centre rather than dedicated HR professionals who understand their specific situation. Long wait times for responses and a lack of onsite visits can exacerbate this sense of disconnection.
  • One of the most critical issues is the failure of some HR companies to truly understand and align with a business’s culture, values, and mission. Without this deeper knowledge, the HR provider may struggle to offer advice and solutions that resonate with your company’s ethos and goals.
  • Communication problems are also common. Businesses often receive documents or policies without clear instructions on implementation or relevance to their specific situation. This can lead to confusion and ineffective application of HR practices.
  • Hidden costs are another frequent complaint, with businesses feeling they’re not getting full coverage for their needs without paying additional fees, despite already paying premium prices. This can create a sense that the HR provider is more focused on upselling services than providing comprehensive support.
  • The comparison to insurance companies is very apt, as some businesses feel their HR provider is more concerned with limiting liability than proactively supporting the company’s growth and employee well-being.

Is it time to consider a new supplier?

If these issues resonate with you, it may be time to consider alternative suppliers like Tick HR Solutions. We offer personalised, flexible, and comprehensive HR support tailored to your business needs.

Unlike large national HR companies, Tick HR prioritises understanding your business, culture, values, and mission. We provide responsive, tailored services without long-term commitments or hidden costs.

We offer both remote and onsite HR support at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house HR person. This approach ensures that you receive practical solutions that enhance your workplace culture and support your employees’ needs.

Remember, effective HR support should empower your business, not constrain it. Tick HR aligns with your company’s values and goals, offering expert advice and support throughout Lincolnshire.

By choosing Tick HR Solutions, you can avoid the common pitfalls associated with large national HR companies while benefiting from a dedicated team that is committed to your business’s success.

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