Reflecting on Tick HR Solutions 2023

In the first few months of 2023 we began to implement the marketing and business development strategy that we drew up for Tick HR Solutions in late 2022.

Reflecting on Tick HR Solutions 2023

Reflecting on Tick HR Solutions 2023 

In April, Tick HR Solutions invested in exhibiting at the Workplace Event at the NEC, Birmingham, this was a three-day event targeting the facilities management industry, expanding the concept of the workplace to be much more than office desks and lightbulbs! We had the privilege of delivering a presentation on our take on creating an inclusive and collaborative workforce, which was very well received.

We extended our geographical reach by participating in new events across different areas outside of Lincolnshire. These opportunities allowed us to connect with businesses further afield, share our expertise, and contribute to our growth and theirs.

To elevate our brand identity and showcase Tick HR Solutions, we embarked on a professional photoshoot. The new visuals have helped us create a stronger brand.

We grew from three to four team members. This expansion has enabled us to enhance our capacity to provide quality HR advice and support to our clients.

A significant milestone for Tick HR Solutions was the development and delivery of our Evolve Hub training services. Through this initiative, we are helping individuals and organisations to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to progress and develop their teams.

Tick HR Solutions has become an HR Specialist Advisor for the South and East Lincolnshire Councils partnership, through their Advice4Growth programme, further expanding our expertise and support in the HR field.

Throughout the year, we have been proud to support our customers’ growth journeys, providing them with tailored HR solutions that address their unique needs. Witnessing the success of our clients has been a source of immense satisfaction and motivation for our team.

We are grateful for the positive feedback and testimonials we have received from both new and existing clients. Their appreciation for our services validates our commitment to delivering exceptional HR advice and support.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, we are excited about the growth opportunities that lie ahead for Tick HR Solutions and we look forward to expanding our support services and offering more training through our Evolve Hub platform.

Finally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients, new and old, and friends and supporters of Tick HR, who have recommended us and supported us throughout 2023. Your trust, loyalty, and referrals have been instrumental in our growth and success. We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to work with you and eagerly anticipate continuing our partnerships in 2024.

Thank you for being a part of Tick HR Solutions’ remarkable journey.

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