Workplace Bullying  


Employers are tasked with safeguarding employees from workplace bullying, a challenge that can be perplexing to address effectively.

Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying

Understanding Workplace Bullying:

  • Definition: The UK government defines workplace bullying as behaviour that intimidates or offends individuals.
  • Nature: Bullying behaviour can range from malicious or insulting actions to abuses of power that undermine, humiliate, or cause harm.
  • Forms: Bullying can manifest in various ways, including verbal or physical abuse, exclusion, spreading rumours, unequal treatment in career development opportunities, and more.

Legal Considerations:

  • Legal Protections: While there is no specific legal definition of bullying, employers have a duty of care to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Legal Implications: Breach of employment contract due to failure in providing a safe workplace can lead to legal consequences.

Addressing Workplace Bullying:

  • Reporting: Employees are encouraged to speak up and report instances of bullying to senior management or HR.
  • Documentation: Keeping a detailed log of bullying incidents can provide valuable evidence.
  • Formal Complaints: If informal resolution fails, raising a grievance formally is the next step.
  • Mental Health Support: Prioritising mental health and seeking medical assistance is crucial for individuals affected by bullying.

Employer Responsibilities:

  • Procedures: Organisations must have clear procedures for handling bullying complaints promptly and fairly.
  • Investigation: Complaints should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, regardless of the size of the company.
  • Resolution: Addressing bullying issues may involve training, coaching, or disciplinary actions to rectify the situation.

Addressing workplace bullying requires proactive measures from both employees and employers to create a safe and respectful work environment. By fostering open communication, implementing clear policies, and taking swift action against bullying behaviours, organisations can mitigate the detrimental effects of workplace harassment.

Tick HR Solutions can assist your business by providing expert guidance and support in developing a comprehensive bullying & harassment policy tailored to your specific needs and ensuring legal compliance.

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