What is Absence Management?

Lets talk about Absence Management

Most absence is genuine,  employees may need time off for a variety of reasons, from short-term sickness to longer-term health issues. An effective absence management framework should support the health needs of employees while providing clear and consistent guidance to avoid unauthorised absence or inappropriate use of sick pay schemes.

The types of staff absence

There are  two categories that many organisations spilt absence into, these are unauthorised absence and authorised absence.  

Unauthorised absences are linked to things such as not contacting your employer if you are unwell/unable to attend work for any reason. 

Authorised absences constitute annual leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc. It is also worth noting that sickness does fall in this category when your employer is informed as per their sickness absence policy. However, some employees do cover sickness absence in its own right entirely. 

Causes of Absence 

It has been said that there are three factors as to the causes of absence, these are; job situation factors, personal factors and attendance factors. These have been analysed in great detail to understand what sits under these and why they are accounted for.  

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Please read our guide about managing absence and for further reading, see our downloadable case study and handy templates for your use.

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